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Image is confidence. There is no substitute for inner beauty, but if you don't feel good about yourself, you may be hiding your true beauty and personality from the world.

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Hello, beautiful people. I hope you guys are doing great, last week was really hectic for me. My exams are going on and also I attended 2 days bloggers meet organised by BNB Magazine. (Will be sharing more details on this) So coming to the today's post one of the biggest problem everyone faces are in some or the other way related to skin like pimples, tanning, wrinkles etc. And people really don't know to deal with them. Trying various general products really doesn't give the results even if they does it won't work for everyone. Every skin type is different and they need different care. Few weeks back I visited Dr. Priya Parekh, she is a well reputed Aesthetic Medicine Specialists at Beautyesthetics. I went there for a skin check up and a medi-facial, these are not the regular gold/ Diamond facials which generally don't suit every skin type and have a result for a very short time but are tailor made for your skin type which have a lasting effect. What are Medi-Facials? Medi-Facials involves the use of few chemical peels and vitamins. They hydrate your skin and add moisture and gently exfoliation also revitalize the skin with the help of brightening serum.

Dr. Priya started with a good evaluation of the skin. Since my skin was really dry, she recommended the hydrating facial with intense moisturizer. My facial included all the medicated products - started with the proper cleansing of my skin. Then used Microdermabrasion moisturizing gel, glycolic peel and vitamin c fusion followed by their very own charcoal mask and lastly a sunscreen application. My overall experience was wonderful. I saw a really good change in my skin in just 30-45 min. and could see the glow and hydration on my face. It been almost 2 weeks since i took the facial and I ca still see the effects on my skin which are not possible in the normal one. Beautyesthetics does a precise facial analysis which helps you decide your requirements and does not believe in unnecessary add ons. I would totally recommend this if you guys want to see the lasting effects. Answers to the most asked questions 1. How to get rid of pimples or reduce the frequency of the pimple? - male -Acne or pimples are a result of excessive sebum production in males. A good skin care routine, medicated products, changing of shaving blades regularly and a medi-cleanup once in a month will give desirable results. 2. How to get rid of the spots left after pimples and how to bring glow in the skin? - Post acne blemishes is a common complaint. Anti pigmentation medi-facial and some applications can definitely lighten up the marks soon. Glow is function of multiple things like regular skin care monthly medi facial and diet and lifestyle. Need to take care of all of the things. 3. Charcoal benefits and its effects on the skin? -The Charcoal molecule we at beautyesthetics have is basically having a dual role. In a dry skin it helps to reduce pigmentation and works on fine lines without taking out the required moisture levels. whereas in oily skin it decreases the excess sebaceous secretions and has a antibacterial actions on the skin surface. For any other skin related queries: Contact: Dr. Priya Parekh at Beautyesthetics Visit: 1st floor, B-Wing, Rajjyog society, Dr. Herker Park, near kanla Nehrue Park, Prabhat Road, Pune Mail: P.S. Get a free consultation use code 'Besthetics' xoxo

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