My major life changing moments of 2018!

Can’t believe it's 2019 already! Time flew by so fast. Well 2018 has been one of my major life changing year. It was full of ups and downs, new experiences, travelling, good food and growth. I am truly grateful for everything that happened and turned me into the person I am today. Also a huge thank you for all the people who loved me and supported me through out.

Where do I even begin its been such a long year full of memories!

But my first one has to be this camping trip to the waterfront resort that I took with few blogger friends. When the year started I promised myself to travel more and this trip was a great start to that. Walking for kilometres into the hill forest, barbecue, staying in camps in the middle of mountains, singing and enjoying the full night was all we could have asked for.

Next has to be this shoot that I did with two of my closest work friends - Rakesh Oswal (Photographer) and Saanchi Bansal (HMUA). We created this look using neon paints, initially we were not sure as to how will it turn out but the end result, well you can see it yourself! We were super proud with the outcome.

In march 2018 I visited Goa with my sister and her friends. And yes this was my first time in Goa! We stayed in Arpora for over 5 days from drinking orange juices on beaches to eating Maggie in our airbnb, dancing our heart out at clubs to relaxing by the pool, driving car on the streets to parasailing I did it all. Plus it was a great break from my work & college life.

Almost around May once I was done with my semester I stayed with my sister in Gurgaon for over 2 months. Changing cities all together was very different experience for me. Pune and Gurgaon are 2 opposite cities you can stay in, be it traffic, people, cafes, travel, food, etc.

My sister got married!

Hell yaa! I remember saying that di when will you get married? I want to wear those fancy traditional designer clothes. Who would have imagined the day will come this soon. Apart from all the wedding chores I had a gala time at my sister’s wedding learnt so much, enjoyed with my college friends, got the best Jiju in the whole world (one more person now I can complain to :p) and got the typical Delhi feel!

Instagram crossed 25k!

A family of 25k wow! I got back in Pune by the mid July and we were a fam of 25k! Best welcoming present ever!!

As soon as my next semester started I started working with an e-commerce fashion brand in their marketing and logistics. I literally juggled between my college and work but had one of the best experiences in the real world. Understood not just fashion but had a closer look as to how a brand functions and felt the pressure of responsibility. 3 months of a full time work and managing my college assignments and blogging gave me a hard time.

Took a break from all the work and pressure so that I can start fresh and better. Went over for a small family trip near Pune and realised how important is spending time with your family.

I turned 21! much awaited. Feeling old already. lol.

Coloured my hair purple and blue!!

The day I got done with my sem exams, I got this makeover done from my favourite place The Little Hair salon! And couldn’t feel more myself then ever before!

And finally ended this year with a week's long trip to Incredible state of India -Rajasthan which started with attending my cousin's wedding in Udaipur and then taking not so planned trip to explore 2 more beautiful cities. ( You can read more on my next blog)

Indeed I had a great year! Looking forward to 2019


Kanishka Godha

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