Valentine's Look Book: HER and HIS

Hey everyone!

I hope all of you are doing great and well I am sure you guys are super excited since Valentine's Day is just around the corner. There's so much of love, anticipation and excitement in the air! Couples looking forward to spend their day with their loved one, some people waiting to confess their love and well some happy singles out partying with their friends. Valentine's Day may sound really cliche as a concept but the idea of expressing your love, making someone feel special and just spending a whole day dedicated to love seems like a beautiful dream. My favourite part of Valentine's Day is going out on a perfect date! On the other hand, even going out with your friends and celebrating is just so much fun!

Speaking of dates, Brunch dates are so much in trend and well it is my personal favourite. Hanging out with your loved one or your friends over a cup of coffee and a good conversation is such a special start to the day. A perfect outfit gives you the edge to brighten up the day even more. It's no secret that dressing up is my most-liked thing to do and so this Valentine's Day I have got some amazing looks for both "him" and "her" for this special day in collaboration with Onkar (The Dusky Dapper).



Top: Colaba, Mumbai

Skirt: Koovs

Jacket: Ajio

Footwear: Rajouri, Delhi

Earrings: Sarojini Nagar, Delhi


T-shirt: Powerlook official

Trousers: Powerlook official

Footwear: Ajio

Suspenders: The Tie Hub

Hat: Colaba, Mumbai


Chic and elegant dinner dates never go out of fashion! So if you are not a morning person or not a fan of brunch dates, dinner dates are surely your thing! A fancy open- air restaurant, a calm candle light dinner and some melodious romantic music will surely do the magic! This Valentine's Day while you plan your perfect dinner date, here are some stylish and classy looks which will surely add to the magic.


Dress: Shein

Footwear: 21 Dresses

Earrings: Deezoe


T-shirt: Powerlook official

Suit: Zara

Footwear: Ajio

Cheers to the day of love! I hope all of you have a great, beautiful and an amazing Valentine's Day. Love doesn't refer only to your partner, it is a perfect opportunity to express your love to your family and friends too. Spend some amazing time with them and make most of this day!

Here's wishing everyone out there a Happy Valentine's Day!


Kanishka Godha

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