How to loose Weight and Stay Fit feat. Fiber Fitness Club

Hello everyone,

First quarter of 2018 is almost over!

Like most of you on new year's eve, I took up a resolution. The resolution was of keeping myself fit, getting a better body, shred some weight and get back in shape BUT the inner me just wants to laze around, eat french fires, watch lots of movies and go for stay-cations. Tell me, how many of you legit follow and execute your resolutions? I think I know the answer already! :P

In today's post I won't just be sharing my experience with you guys but also will be bursting some myths about gymming and fitness which I have learned during these 15 sessions at Fiber Fitness Club (FFC).

Okay, just to give you a heads up, let me share my own experience with you guys.

If you follow me on my social media handles (Instagram, Roposo, Snapchat, Facebook and YouTube) you must have noticed that I took a fitness challenge with Fiber Fitness Club.

Fiber Fitness Club is a well equipped gym based in Pune (Maharashtra), which believes in spreading a revolution that redefines the conventional way of Fitness to the idea of Natural and overall sense of "Being Fit" , which is EQUALLY FELT AS SEEN.

I never had a very bulky body and my Body Mass Index has always been in the healthy range but I don't know why, I never felt very fit from inside, I always used to feel that I am not able to give my 100% in my work and sometimes exhaustion used to take a toll on my body. Being someone who always wants to outperform and be active during my events or , I somewhat was not very happy with the kind of routine i had. One of the best things which this challenge did to me was give me a proper structured routine which I strictly followed for a span of a month and a half. On some days I did compromise with the strict routine which I was put into as I go on different launches and tasting events in and around Pune and on the basis of invites (For collaboration) but I tried to stick to the regime as much as I can.

Day Zero:

When I first got my fitness checkup done, I was shocked  to see that even though my body was in the healthy B.M.I zone, I had a really high Body Fat Percentage and through further discussions with my trainer at FFC, I realized the reasons as to why I wasn't feeling fit. Adding to that he helped me understand the reality of Gym and Fitness and how should we go about it. Honestly, after the first few sessions, I knew that I don't just want to loose weight but also want to work on my strength and stamina building. 

Stats on Day Zero at FFC: 

Weight- 58.4 kg

Fat %- 32.01

B.M.I- 22

(Ideal Body weight for 164 cm- 58.5 Kg)

Half way Through:

I could feel the transition happening in my body. I was feeling fitter and after the struggle of first two-three sessions, hitting the gym became more of a habit for me. My body wasn't transformed into a completely toned and muscular one but I felt more productive and changed some eating habits which I am listing below:

1. Instead of Aerated drinks, I used to have Amul Buttermilk (sometimes spiced ones)

2. Increased my water intake by almost 2 Liters (In total 8-9 glasses)

3. Instead of normal milk, I used to have Sofit Soya Milk after every workout session.

4. Increased my Protein intake (most cottage cheese because vegetarian lol).

5. Waking up early no matter how late I go to bed and starting my day Lipton Greentea.

6. Always used to carry Protein bars when I go out for shoots or work so that I won't end up munching on something unhealthy.

Stats Half way through at FFC:

Weight- 55.7 Kg

Fat %- 29.8

BMI- 21.0

(Ideal Body Weight- 58.5 Kg)

I tuned my routine according to the training regime and could already sense the transformation. Initially, taking out time to go for these sessions was a very difficult task in it's own as I had to manage my college lectures, assignments, my styling work, events as well as attending different  launches and tasting events which I receive on regular basis. But it's an old saying:

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge."

Judgment Day:

Weight- 53.7 Kg

Fat %- 27.6

BMI- 20.7

Myths: # cardio is the key to fat loss.

- Sorry but just doing cardio won't solve your belly problems. You need to combine weight training with cardio to loose fat. Cardio helps in improving your heart health and reduces you cholesterol level.

#lifting weights makes women bulky

So many women takes this myth very seriously and they think the that their body will look like body builders. (Yes weight training increases the amount of muscles in your body) In real female body simply doesn't contain high level of muscle building hormones. Weight training are great for toning your body and getting in shape.


Gym Partner: Fiber Fitness Club

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