The art of handcrafted clothing! #vocalforlocal

Recently I came across these 2 brands and I just can't wear clothes without thinking about how they are made and how much time and efforts it requires.

  1. Mayurpanki By Chitraveethi

Mayur Panki is a handpainted designer brand started by Dr Kamini Jain which focuses on curating unique designer wear by transferring their artwork on the fabric making it a canvas of beauty to embrace.

The hand-painting process of creating these one-of-a-kind garments reflects the individual personality and emotions of the creative artist, making every piece unique with subtle variations in every garment that is made.

The brand provides you with the customisation options and delivers a wide variety from handpainted tops, sarees, home decore etc.

Wearing: One-of-a-kind cat Handpainted Black-top

Loved the idea of hand-painted apparels? Or want to refurbish your old clothes?

Head over to: Mayurpanki By Chitraveethi

2. Nieuweek

Nieuweek stamps for unique style, superb quality & minute attention to details. Its collection is unique & beautiful as every woman is.

I got a chance to get my hands on this white khadi top with beautiful embroidery work expressing the beauty of nature and making us think how human and nature are interconnected!

Nieuweek is known for making authentic artwork & embroidery on the apparel to give luxury feel & elegant look at an affordable price. Every single product has authentic Indian heritage touch & all products are handmade with love. 

Head over to Nieuweek and explore their collection.

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